Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy etc. if you are still hesitating where to experience one of the greatest adventures of your life, then ESN CUE, with all of you in mind, offers a series of meetings as a part of the project RE - ERASMUS. During the meetings, students of the University of Economics in Cracow will share their memories, impressions and experiences, which they had acquired in the course of Erasmus and other exchange programs in various European countries (and not only).

During this semester, we want to invite you to travel to countries such as: Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, USA and more! In the meetings, held at the University of Economics in Cracow, your colleagues will try to answer all questions and provide some detailed information in order to help you make the best decision, and dispel any possible doubts. Till now, the meetings were attended by a wide range of people who have shown interest in taking part in the Erasmus program - they had an opportunity to see presentations and other multimedia materials prepared by their peers, who gave some insight into one of the best adventures of their lives.

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