Karaoke is coming!

Charity Kraoke - you may wonder what is this?
It’s a special event for singing lovers but this time we would like to raise awareness about our charity campaign “The Noble Gift with ESN Kraków United”.

Let’s show our big hearts to those who don't have anything for christmas and they needs our support! Let’s help together!

Also here is just some main info for you:

  • You can enjoy more space in B4, we opened the 2nd floor for you,
  • There will be 2 coat checks available for you at the club,
  • You can use 2 entrances in order to get into B4,
  • Please use both entrances and both coat checks. This way we can avoid staying in line for too long,
  • Also you can go to Disco Pub under B4 Club --> same discounts and lot of free space to party or talk!

Do you like to talk to many interesting and amazing people from all over the world? Are you interested in getting to know new cultures and gaining experience? Are you looking for something more than another typical party? Do you want to learn foreign languages and improve your conversation skills at the same time? Would you like to do it EVERY WEEK?

Here comes your chance!

ESN Kraków United has a pleasure to present to you our TANDEM language meetings!

The rules are simple: there is a flag hung above the table or a paper with the name of the language written. All you have to do is to join the table with the language you’re interested in and start talking!

02/12/2019 - 20:00