Excitement and countdown are totally normal. However, there is a bunch of things that you need to remember about before your arrival. Searching for an accommodation should have been your priority, and hopefully all of the newcomers are already done with that. Packing is an important part of the preparation as well. Find out what may be the weather during your stay, plan possible trips and on this basis, try to pack wisely. Remember that the suitcase is always heavier on the way back! The things that you should have with you are, among others: University registration documents, European Health Insurance Card (or other insurance if not from EU), EURO26 or ISIC card, medication, ID photo (as they are handy for student cards, bus passes etc). Yet remember that Erasmus exchange is not a outbreak from the civilization and there is no need to pack a “first aid suitcase”. It’s also good a familiarize a bit with the basic facts about Poland and the most important laws being in force in our country.

Before the arrival it’s good to contact the buddy, who undoubtedly will help you with getting around and settling in during the first days. As you are already in Kraków don’t worry
that everything is so new. It's just a temporary feeling that will pass off as soon as you’ll start meeting new people and make yourself at home in in your new apartment.

It is important to attend at the General Meeting with the International Program Office (IPO) stuff, Erasmus coordinator at CUE and ESN members. You’ll be given information about the university, courses, all the paper work as well as the Orientation Week and Integration Camp. It’s crucial to give in all the documents and fulfill all the requirements as soon as possible and enjoy the rest of the stay without thinking about it.

As Erasmus is not only about studying, meeting up as many new people as possible and making friends should be a number one mission for everyone in a new place. This is when ESN enters the action! Orientation Week and Integration Camp are the events prepared especially for new Erasmus and exchange students by Erasmus Student Network Cracow University of Economics. This is the intense time full of parties, meetings, events and many others. Take part in the Orientation Week and the Integration Camp! It is really the way to meet new people, get to know the city and make a proper start to your Erasmus life.

Remember that both ESN and IPO crew are always more than happy to help. If you’ll happen to have any doubts or problems at any stage of your stay in Kraków, do not hesitate to ask. We can’t wait for you to come and have fun together!

Welcome to Erasmus! Welcome to Kraków!

Author: Aleksandra Lisińska Kopačky na fotbal