Last Thursday was a day like no other. In the midst of exams and slowly getting depressed with the thought that the Kraków journey will soon be over, a very special event took place.  With pizza hot & fresh out of the oven and different kinds of beverage and fantastic competitions prepared for our brave Erasmus guest, the ESN UEK Farewell Party took place.

The theme was very simple: Plain white T-shirts combined with a grand load of permanent markers. Rest assured, this party will be permanently etched into our minds, as everywhere you looked you could see friends writing each other farewell wishes or silly comments on their shirts. In true ESN spirit, a biannual competition was held place to determine the winners of the ESN UEK Awards, picking out the lucky winners of our classic categories, such as Mister & Miss Erasmus.

It was truly a spectacular sight to see everyone, from ESN member to Erasmus student, as part of  a unity, with everyone smiling from ear to there. With so much joy & satisfaction you could almost forget the fact that this semester is slowly, but steadily coming to an end.

It is commonly said, that all good things must come to an end…but those who came will know that’s not entirely true, as they all have a special souvenir, a marker-ridden shirt of their own, to remind them of the city that never really left their hearts.

Author: Chris

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