Hello our SocialErasmus heroes! 

Here comes the best week of your whole stay in Krakow: SocialErasmus Week! From 7th until 13th of November you will be able to take part in many awesome events created by SocialErasmus team. You will have the chance to create happiness by sending birthday cards to one little boy, also - stop racism, see the world around without using your eyes and many more. The centrepiece of that week will be, of course, Erasmus Date Auction! 

Have a look what we have planned for you: 

7.11 Create Happiness (Details: goo.gl/znDct0)

8.11 Unity In Diversity (Details: goo.gl/mnCf4F)

9.11 Seniors' Club Visit (Details: goo.gl/y29Ip8 )

10.11 Erasmus Date Auction (Details: goo.gl/1f2ikW

13.11 You Don’t Need Eyes To See (Details: goo.gl/Tcey2E

All the events will be unforgettable and unique, so stay tuned and don't miss out! 

ESN UEK - Kasia Białecka
ESN UJ - Evgenia Lavruhova
ESN AGH - Hubert Put
ESN PK - Janusz Jerzy Mączka