This Summer Shell is launching 3 very interesting opportunities for you:

  1. Summer Internship Programme – 3 months programme for students, in HR, Finance, Contracting & Procurement, Logistics, Customer Operations field
  2. Talent Campus Hire for Finance – 3 year programme for Finance graduates with strong analytical skills
  3. Summer Purple Project* - for those with knack for IT and analytics as well as a bit of finance.

Programmes mentioned above are targeted to the best students from best universities and students’ clubs and associations that have time and eagerness to broaden their expertise in Shell Business Operations in Krakow

If you feel that you’re matching above description, keep reading --



They are looking for students or freshly graduates who are:

  • Fluent in English
  • Good at Excel
  • Analytical thinkers
  • Communicative and real problem-solvers


In terms of Talent Campus Hire and Summer Purple Project, knowledge of one programming language (VBA, SQL, Python) will be an asset!




  • Competitive salary
  • Buddy’s and Mentor’s support
  • Valuable experience and impactful job
  • Confirmation of Programmes and Projects completion
  • Additional trainings in Excel, Project Managements, etc.
  • Networking & Fun events


Application time: March


For more information, you can contact Katarzyna Wach via email