This semester, over 260 foreign students arrived to Krakow to study at University of Economics. They were excited and looking forward to new adventures, but - at the same time - they were accompanied by fear because of the arrival to the different country. To help them adapt to the new situation and also make the most of their stay from the very beginning, ESN UEK members organised Orientation Week Autumn 2016 for them, during which they had the opportunity to explore our university campus, the city of Krakow and to meet the local students. After a few days full of attractions they went to Integration Camp, where they spent time together in the picturesque village of Murzasichle.

On Monday, after the General Meeting and the campus tour ended, the very first event was waiting for our international friends. They had to team up, demonstrate their perceptivity and cleverness to get out of an escape room. When they succeeded in solving the riddles, time had come for “Let’s meet” - an integration meeting, where they could talk, get to know other exchange students and also, ESN members. But this wasn’t the end of the activities for that day! After that we went to a 90’s style party to have fun together along with the greatest hits of the 90’s coming from the speakers.

After the first day full of attractions we didn’t even think of slowing down, so on Tuesday our Erasmus students could take part in a bowling competition and then they had the opportunity to feel like a child again in the Trampoline Park. For those who aren’t really into sports, we prepared something completely different - in the evening we got together at the dancefloor during Latino Fiesta Night.

The third day began with a visit in the Garden of Experiences where by touching the exhibits, we could see the power of science in various physical and natural phenomena. Afterwards, we started to feel hungry, so we made our way to Well done and had authentic American Dinner! Stuffed with delicious burgers and fries we had enough energy to continue exploring the city. If any of our exchange students had had no chance to go by tram, that was a perfect opportunity for them - they could go for a tram ride around the city and talk, dance and have fun with their new friends during the Tram Party. After we got off the tram, it wasn’t end of the attractions for that day, because we had a Fluo Letter Party planned, where everybody - painted with fluo paints - was shining in the UV lights.

Last day of the Orientation Week Autumn 2016 was about exploring the city. In the morning, our Erasmus students had the opportunity to go sightseeing with a professional travel guide and later they were discovering the city in a different way - through City Games. After they learned about Krakow and Polish culture, they could learn about each other. In the evening we met at Eurodinner, during which everybody prepared a dish typical of their own country and afterwards we had the privilege to taste what everybody had cooked.

It might seem, that after all these attractions it would be high time to get some rest. But not for us! We wanted to integrate even more, so we went to Integration Camp taking place in wonderful Murzasichle. We were hiking in Tatra Mountains, but luckily we also found time for a bonfire and some party.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, so we had to come back to reality, but there’s no need to worry! It’s not the end of attractions we’ve prepared for this semester. It’s just the beginning of the journey and our foreign friends definitely won’t be bored in Krakow!