All Erasmus adventures start with Orientation Week and this time is not different!


On the 23rd we have started our adventure. Plenty of new students from all over the world have attended our General Meeting. First it was a tour around CUE and students got to know the campus where they will spend at least their upcoming semester. Then the first trip took place. The Trip around Cracow Old City! Our Erasmus had a chance to admire The Wawel Castle, Rynek Square and Cloth Hall. When some people were sightseeing, some of them were participating in exciting, unpredictable and full of awesomeness bowling competition. The brave adventure-seekers who decided to participate in our unique City Games had an opportunity to get lost and found, hugged strangers and shouted how much they love Poland. Cause, they already love it, don't they? :)


Does it sound like a day full of attractions? Time to relax and dance in Diva Music Gallery under the theme of Roaring Twenties, that is what most of Erasmus thought, so no one was surprised that the club was full of Erasmus people!

But here our story does not end! Today we woke up early, well early enough to start a sightseeing tour at 11.30 and experience the thrilling emotion by discovering our inner Chuck Norris in Laser Tag Park. This day was heaven for those who are eager to get some more adrenaline, cause after the Laser Park there was a crazy ride with Gokarts!


Now, we are going to start the Fluo Party @ Get To The Point Club. We will dance all night long and then we will still have 3 days of Orientation Week more!

Be prepared for Let's Meet, Wisła Boat Trip, Eurodinner, crazy parties and our next note!