,,It doesn't matter how the story begins, it only matters how it ends'' says one of the common sentences. Maybe some people believe in that, but not ESN team which gave lie to that statement creating its own philosophy: if we can live every moment only once, each of them should be shining as a diamond in necklace. Being guided by this dictum we have made every effort to prepare this edition of Orientation Week as perfect as possible.

We've started on Tuesday 23rd of September with organization meeting and tour around the CUE to acquaint new students with the campus buildings. When secrets and mysteries of university were already discovered it was time to explore Cracow - the city of legends – and what is the better way for doing it than by fun during city games? Afternoon hours everybody eager for adrenaline had opportunity to face with the others fighting in duel with laser guns. Tuesday was supposed to finished with Welcome to Poland Meeting in the legendary place ,,Pod Jaszczurami'' (literally ,,Under the Lizards''), to change the ambiance for a little more modern few hours later moving to Diva Music Gallery and welcome all students as befits Polish tradition – with vodka toast during the Polish Wedding Party.

On Wednesday rain and wind didn't discouraged adventurous students and all group willingly set off to discover the secret of Crakow's kings and dragon sleeping in the cave in the foothills of the Wawel. However, ESN team knows many names of integration, so after culturisation came time for collecting new common moments during bowling competition and getting ready for the most amazing party, party in tram speeding through the night all over the Crakow city! The next stop? B4 Music Club to prove how small nowadays world is and meet people from all over the world on the one dance floor.

Thursday has started from the other tour of sightseeing and showing the beauty of Cracow from completely different perspective: from the surface of the Vistula river during the boat cruise down the stream. After all this attraction international team could meet for the special evening called EUROdinner, when everybody could either bring or taste the dainties and titbits from all over the world! When all stomachs were already full and social needs met there was the high time to attend the party in PROZAK club to burn the rest of energy and take some rest after to get ready for the next adventure.. The Integration Camp!!! The weekend have been spent all together in picturesque village amongst the Tatra Mountains – Murzasichle.

Orientation Week has been finished on Monday with the first in this semester Tandem Language meetings and speed dating. It was marvellous time being spent together on learning about Cracow and about each other. Although it would be impossible without enthusiasm of Erasmus students and their will of attending in our events and parties.

Remember, it was just the beginning!!

Author: Paula Zawadzka
秋コーデ メンズ【2020/2021年最新】 , メンズファッションメディア