Are you looking for new friends? Do you like challenges? Do you like helping people? Mentor Program is for everyone because EveryBuddy needs SomeBuddy!

What is the Mentor Programme?

It is a project of the ESN UEK. The main goal is to help foreign students to acclimate in Poland, get familiar with the local community and get to know a new city and university.

Every semester, mentors (UEK students) help new students from different countries in Europe and around the world to enter our university. Every exchange student can have a Mentor. His/her role is to help you navigate in the new reality – you can show the best cafes in the city or pick you up from the airport. It’s up to you!

Why is it worth being a Mentor?

As a mentor, you have the opportunity to make friends for life and get to know Krakow from a completely different angle. The program allows you to improve your language as well as the cultures of other countries. In addition, mentors can gain points for recruiting to international programs.

How to apply?

Nothing is easier than that. Go to the website and complete the form.