➔ I am an exchange student who came to Poland:

Feeling a bit lost in a new city? Would you like to have a friend who can show you around our university and the best spots in Krakow? The Buddy Program was created for people just like you!

Our students will help you adjust to the new city and you'll get to know many new, open people who will happily show you Krakow! You can also count on their help with university-related matters.

Sign up today! We're waiting for you :) 


➔ I am studying at Krakow University of Economics and i want to help an exchange student:

With the new semester being just around the corner, we would like to greet our new international students! Each of them may feel a little lost at first, that's why we need YOU! Exactly, you!

If you would love to live an intercultural experience, meet people from all around the world, and above all, increase your language skills on a communicative level (and maybe on informal too) then the Buddy program is just for you!

In the new semester, you can become a mentor, who will pass on the necessary knowledge about the city, the university or the studies to the exchange student. Your Buddy may become your party and travel companion and maybe even your best friend in the future.

Are you ready for this adventure? Apply now and become a local hero!  https://buddysystem.eu/en/ If you have an account from previous years, you don't need to create a new one. Just mark that you want to apply this year.

EveryBuddy needs SomeBuddy!