Students' international exchanges or doing the abroad internships is very popular among the CUE students. The amount of people going abroad under 10th projects offering such practices eg. Erasmus + or CEEPUS is increasing from year to year. Certainly, a key role is played by the fact of reach bunch of partner universities in countries around the world and prestigious companies with whom CUE has the agreements with. It doesn't surprise since study or working abroad is not only a great opportunity to gain new experience and skills so needed during the search for a dream job, but also an opportunity to experience a fantastic adventure and meet amazing people. International Open Day is a project created in collaboration with the International Programmes Office and Academic Career Center , directed especially for the students curious about the world, interested in gaining experiences of different dimension and wanting to do something more than just studying. Project is an opportunity to familiarize with the programs and rules of whole recruitment process, as well as an opportunity to become acquainted with a wide field of possible of action in the student's organizations such as our ESN. International Open Day is also a day of various competitions and events being organized in cooperation with partner companies. This edition took place with the support of the university, which for the first time decided to provide rector hours while the event and due to that fact attendance and interest was far greater than in previous years. It certainly will be reflected in an even bigger number of applicants not only to study abroad, but also to join student's organizations. However International Open Day is only an introduction to all possibilities which students can make use of. Isn't it the thing which studies are meant to be for? Because we are not lost, we are on our way! Author: Paula Zawadzka

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