Integration Week

is a project carried out for incoming students to our university to help them acclimate to their new environment and assist them in their first steps at the university. During Integration Week, international students can learn about our culture and customs and, most importantly, have a nice time together and meet new wonderful people!
The event takes place in the last week of September - precisely as of September 25 - when ESN members, along with newly arrived Erasmus students, participate in special events and concludes with a weekend Integration Camp. Registration for Integration Week events begins on September 16!

Integration Camp

is a two-day trip during which you will have the chance to get to know better your Erasmus friends before the start of the semester and classes. During the Camp you will have the opportunity to visit Zakopane, called also a "winter capital of Poland", play some integration games, take part in a party and many more!
This semester we will stay in the picturesque village of Murzasichle, which is located close to the Tatra Mountains. There are many attractions waiting for you during the trip, you will have the opportunity to listen to a traditional Goral band and spend nice moments by the campfire! But this is not the end of the surprises...