The idea that guides all the members of the Erasmus Student Network is the motto "Students Helping Students". To do their best in order to help foreign students, organize various events for them and carry out high quality projects, ESN volunteers focus on the constant development.

One of the opportunities to acquire new knowledge, but also a huge dose of motivation is the ESN UPGRADE training event. Students volunteering in ESN sections from all over Poland can gain new knowledge in the fields that are the most interesting for them. Each edition of the event follows also a specific theme, thanks to which the form of the meeting is more attractive to the participants. It also contributes to better integration.

This year our section decided to organize this event. OC composed of:
- Magdalena Włodarska (Head of OC),
- Radosław Łyko (Vice-Head of OC / FR),
- Oktawia Maciurzyńska (Treasurer),
- Karolina Kudła (Logistics),
- Małgorzata Zator (PR & Communication),
- Kamila Kosmala (Social Programme),
- Grzegorz Zamaryka (HR),
- Joanna Ciesielska (OC support)
submitted a candidacy during Extraordinary Council of Local Representatives in Warsaw. The ESN UEK members responsible for organizing the event decided to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first J.K. Rowling’s publication - that is why the theme was “Magic world of Harry Potter”.

ESN UPGRADE was held in Cracow on November 23-26, 2017. The participants were divided into Houses (training paths) according to their interests. During this weekend, the Cracow University of Economics turned into a real School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where Świeżyndor's adepts studied the secrets of ESN, as well as the basics of FR, PR and HR. Participants of Leaderin path were trained in terms of communication, presentation and motivation. Projectpuff House members took part in workshops on project financing and learned about useful work tools and Wizards of PRclaw learned about Photoshop, copywriting and the brand building.

In addition to numerous trainings and acquiring new skills, the meeting was focused on the participants’ integration, their cooperation and the exchange of good practices between the sections. In the evenings, members of particular Houses faced each other during the Triwizard Tournament. Participants competed (using only allowed spells, of course!) during the City Games - searching Horcrux, Quidditch match and karaoke performance in the Shrieking Shack. Despite the great involvement of members of each team, the Wizards of Leaderin won the competition.

The weekend full of magic passed very quickly. All participants regretted that they couldn’t use Hermione's Time Turner, but they had to go back to their local sections and share with them new experiences and the magical ESNspirit.

Thank you very much for creating this event with us and for making this time even more magical! To Erasmus Student Network Poland - for organising the workshops, appointing trainers and for great support during the arrangements, to the Organising Committee - for preparing the event from the very start to the very end, to volunteers - your help and dedication was priceless, and to every person who committed the time to create Hogwart! Special thanks to Cracow University of Economics, CUE Student Parliament and all our partners!

Photos from the event:

Day 1:

Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:

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