On 23-26.05.2019, representatives of our section went to Białystok to take part in the National Platform of ESN Poland. During the meeting plenary sessions, workshops and trainings for participants took place as well as debates on current topics. In addition, the new National Board and the Audit Committee of ESN Poland for 2019/2020 were elected.

On the last evening of National Platform, the Polish Stars Gala took place, during which ESN UEK won as many as three prizes:

  • 1 place in the "Most Active Delegate" category was won by Kamila Kosmala,
  • 3rd place in the category "The best PR activities in Social Media" for our Instagram campaign on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of ESN UEK & 20th anniversary of ESN Poland,
  • 3rd place in the "Best Presidium" category for the Presidium of NP Gdańsk 2018, in which Agnieszka Gołuszka was the Secretary of the Meeting.

In addition, we were also awarded for exemplary performance of the tasks for the Section towards the ESN Poland. Congratulations to everybody who contribuited to ESN UEK's success during this year's Gala!