One evening, a bunch of kids and we - members of ESN and the immensity  of fun!
The talk is of course about event organized by SocialErasmus Team!

On Thursday, 22nd of January 2015,  we packed stickers, pens, good humor and visited the orphanage on the 16/7 St. Teresa Street. The meeting was the result of initiatives and actions within the ESN Krakow United workgroup Social.The aim of the meeting was to create an opportunity to learn about other countries and to show an alternative view of the world. They had also an opportunity to learn about their peers from other countries. This is why we chose the orphanage, which might not be too big, but full of kids with incredible potential! The main task was to prepare postcards for kids, which will then sent to an orphanage in Zagreb. Croatian youngsters will have the opportunity to reply to the cards. They will also write them and then send back to the same children. 

On Thursday, after a quick group and getting gathering to the orphanage we could get to know its members. The children were very excited about the event and enthusiastically participated in the attractions prepared for them. Together with us was Cristia – Erasmus coming from San Giovanni Rotondo, who taught the children simple words in Italian, like "Hello". Afterwards, the children were given postcards and materials for drawing and painting.And this was the moment when the real fun started! The children described what they like, who they would to be in the future, what they like in Krakow. They asked the names of their correspondents, hobbies. There were also plenty of drawings and stickers and each child has done its own unique card. Some of the children showed a very good knowledge, others showed their drawing talent. Each card concluded  their dreams and interests like cars or futuristic robots. When the time has come to go home,  it was hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful group. During the meeting new ideas were created on how to improve the event, which beginning marks the beginning of something better for the next time ! 


Author: Kasia Ścira

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