Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be blind? Has it ever occurred to you that you may have problems with such simple thing like eating? Some Erasmus students could experience it first-hand on the 26th of November at a special event called DINNER IN THE DARK, gaining memories for their lifetime.

What is the main goal of the Dinner in the Dark?

ESN people from the ExchangeAbility group for the second time had this great idea to join a few important points: fun, getting to know each other, tasting Polish cuisine but most importantly they focused on realising problems blind people have to face in their daily life.

What did it look like?

After coming to the venue, everybody had their eyes closed and their other senses set fully free. After being led to their tables and sat down with people they met for the first time, thay had their picked earlier meals served in the complete darkness and were thrown in at the deep end. They had to eat, drink and try not to get dirty. Afterwards lights turned on and all of them could see who they were talking with before. Everybody had fun but at the same time they got wise to the fact that there are people, whose life may look like that not only for a couple of minutes.

What are the participants’ feelings?

Coping with people’s disability may not come out to be as easy as sometimes it seems and now some Erasmus students know something about it. This is what some of them said after this experience:

"It seems like it's quite hard to talk to people being blind, because you never really know if they are willing to listen or even still sit next to you."

"Somehow it was funny because I knew I can take off the mask anytime but, on the other hand, it was sad becsuse eventhough I sat on a table with three other people I felt sometimes lonely."

"I really liked it that I couldn't choose where I wanted to sit because we had the opportunity to get to know people in a different way because we couldn’t see them."

"The fact that we had to search for pieces constantly because they were falling off on the table and also I loved the conversation during this event, because it seemed different without seeing each other."

"Well, it was definitely fun yesterday!"

"The "Dinner in the Dark" was an interesting experience and definitely showed me how hard daily life is as a person with a vision disability..."

"Because I couldn't see the food, I had to use my other senses like smell to figure out what I was eating because I couldn't see it."

"I was really happy I participated in "Dinner in the Dark" because it opened up my eyes to how important vision is in daily life."

For all of us having a disability seems to be a hard thing to cope with. But we should all remember that these people are as happy as we are and even if they are blind, their life can be full of colours.

Author: Dominika Skapczyk
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