We left holidays behind and the new semester has just started! But let's go back to the weekend of September 21-22, when the delegations of the ESN UEK Association represented us at two meetings of the ESN Poland Association!
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On 26th June 2019, ESN UEK Association Members met all together during the Extraordinary General Meeting where they chose a brand new PR Manager for the upcoming year. We are pleased to inform that Melania Mazur has joined ESN UEK Board!
On 8th June 2019 ESN UEK members met at the General Meeting, during which members of the new Board and ESN UEK Audit Committee for the academic year 2019/2020 were elected.
On 23-26.05.2019, representatives of our section went to Białystok to take part in the National Platform of ESN Poland. On the last evening of National Platform, the Polish Stars Gala took place, during which ESN UEK won as many as three prizes!
On 16th April our Culture and SocialErasmus & ExchangeAbility groups organized an event called Easter Campus Games. We are very pleased to announce that it has been awarded by ESN Poland with the title of the Project of the week!
On April 18th-21st 2019, the largest event of the whole Erasmus Student Network - Annual General Meeting took place in the Greek Thessaloniki. Of course, ESN UEK representation couldn't miss on such an important event!
ESN UPGRADE is the largest training event of ESN Poland. Like every semester, also this time our delegation could not miss on it!
On the first weekend of April our experienced Members and newly recruited ones went to Ochotnica Dolna for a Freshmen Camp. It was a chance to meet both - the organization and its members.
On 22nd-24th March 2019 our Members went to Poznań to represent ESN UEK there during the Council of Local Representatives.