We have already launched the Integration Week app!
Do you know who currently manages ESN UEK?
With the new semester being just around the corner, we would like to greet our new international students! Each of them may feel a little lost at first, that's why we need YOU! Exactly, you!
The end of the semester is getting closer, and with it, unfortunately, the end of your exchange! What can you do to say goodbye properly? Come to the Farewell Gala!
Do you know members of the Board and the Board of Audit of ESN UEK in this year?
Are you excited to start your Erasmus in Cracow? You can’t wait to make hundreds of new friends and lifelong memories?
Are you looking for new friends? Do you like challenges? Do you like helping people? Mentor Program is for everyone because EveryBuddy needs SomeBuddy!
On 27th and 30th April, our Delegates took part in the Extraordinary Council of Local Delegates. Due to the current situation, just as the previous ESN Poland events, this one also was held on-line.