Mentor is a project which aims at helping Erasmus students who come to Poland in acclimatization in our country.

Every foreign exchange student gets an assigned MENTOR (buddy) who helps him/her. The cooperation gives both sides benefits: the Erasmus student gets a lot of support in finding themselves in polish reality and bureaucracy, as Mentor gets an opportunity to train their language skills, make new friends and gaining points for any future student exchange.

The recruitment for this project takes place twice a year – for winter and summer semester. To be in the swim, follow facebook page ESN UEK , where will be information about initiated recruitment. You can apply via special document which was created especially to make the whole process easier for both us and the candidates. During each recruitment we make sure of providing incoming students with people who would be responsible for them personally, that’s why each Erasmus student gets their Mentor’s first name and surname, likewise. Apart from that we have a back-up Mentors list. It’s a solution when someone resigns from the project.

To sum up, the Mentor project is one of the most “personal” projects in ESN, because it focuses on building an Erasmus-Mentor relationship.