All good things must come to an end ... This rule also applies to the period of study and activity in ESN. When our active Members finish their adventure at the Cracow University of Economics, they often support us as ESN UEK Alumni. However, those who have been particularly involved in the activities of our section are distinguished by the title of Honorary Member.

The title of Honorary Member is awarded to people who have exceptionally contributed to the development and everyday activities of the Organization. Honorary membership is granted by the General Meeting of ESN UEK Members at the request of the Organization’s Board or 6 Formal Members. Honorary Members are people who took care of the ESN UEK work over the years, implemented their ideas and showed great motivation for action. Also, many of them represented our section in the ESN Poland and at the international level of Erasmus Student Network, contributing to the growing recognition of ESN UEK. Currently, our section has 15 Honorary Members who support our activities to this day and always provide help and share their experience gained while working in the Organization.

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