ExchangeAbility is an international project that was created in 2010. Its main goals are to create ESN more accessible to disabled students at all levels of its activity and to increase the number of students with disabilities going on the exchange.


ESN UEK ExchangeAbility Group enriches the international experience of students by organizing events indicating problems and methods of solving them. Thanks to the project, students become more aware and empathetic. The implementation of these objectives is carried out through:

  • providing detailed information about selected universities and their adaptation to the needs of disabled students,
  • organising events that raise the awareness of students and the university officials to the problem of disability in the academic community,
  • cooperating directly with local disabled students within the scope of ESN UEK activities.

Do you want to learn more?

  • Visit official ExchangeAbility website:
  • Find out which universities, places and services are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities on