To track ESN Poland’s history we need to go back in time to 1998 when at Medical Academy in Warsaw the first section was created. Inspired by this idea, students from different cities start organizing small, informal groups which aim at integrating polish and foreign students. One after one there are new sections created which results in 41 sections working in Poland altogether.

Going back to ESN’s beginnings – Artur Orłowski (the president of ESN SGH) and Michał Zasada (the president of ESN Gdańsk) independently began to develop the idea  of cooperation among sections at the national level as well as with the National Agency. That’s how the idea of first national organizations meeting – ESN National Platform was born. It took place in Gdańsk (9.05-11.05.2003).
There were also discussions on ESN SGH’s idea of creating ESN Poland, but after exchange of representatives’ opinions the proposal was postponed. Although a few of national projects were started:
- ESNcard - ESN SGH’s idea which along with Italy’s and Austria’s initiative became a base of international project in 2004
- ESN Travel - ESN Gdańsk’s proposal which assumed creating a data base by section’s travel plans along with price list for students from different cities
- Tandem - ESN SGH’s idea - creating a platform of information exchange for people who want to learn foreign languages in exchange of teaching their native one.

Next NP convention took place in October of 2003 in Cracow and turned out to be a break-through since the decision of creating a future organization’s statute.

Right now there are 41 ESN sections in Poland.

  • Board 2017/2018:

President - Agata Lech
Vice President - Karolina Rutkowska
Treasurer - Katarzyna Kowalska
National Representative - Aleksandra Seweryn
Project Manager - Karol Mroziński

  • Board of Audit 2017/2018:

Adrianna Skolimowska
Robert Banet
Filip Wypijewski


  • Committees and Teams 2017/2018:

FR Committee - Magdalena Zając
HR Committee - Paulina Traczyk
PR Committee -  Izabela Grembowska
IT Committee - Mirosław Wojciechowski
International Committee (InterKom) - Karol Antoszewski
Network Care Team - Aleksandra Dolińska
Legal Advisory Team - Mateusz Lasak

Projects of ESN Poland:

More information on the official ESN Poland’s website.