• Do you want to start a new year with a bang? Are you curious about the world and not afraid of challenges? Do you like discovering new countries and languages? Are you keen to create make some new friendships? The Mentor Programme is just for you!
  • New year means new development opportunities for us. We entered 2020 together with members of ESN AGH, ESN UJ and ESN PK during the Workshop Saturday with ESN Kraków United.
  • On December 14th, ESN UEK members gathered to spend time together before the upcoming Christmas. We sang Christmas carols, wished each other all the best and exchanged gifts.
  • Right before Christmas, together with other sections of ESN Kraków United, we decided to put ourselves in a festive mood and share our joy with those who need it the most.
  • On December 5th-8th in Warsaw, the statutory meeting of ESN Poland - National Platform was held. Of course, our delegation couldn't miss out on it. Our members took part in many interesting discussions and integration with other participants of the event!